Property management and administration of Housing Communities.


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Upon acceptance, a contract is signed which details the scope of our responsibilities, summarized as follows:



  • Keep detailed records of all transactions and costs associated with the management process, and communicate such records with the client on a continuous basis.
  • Provide annual summary of all accounts and future plans for the property in an electronic form and host physical meetings as needed.



  • Provide detailed bookkeeping and reporting services for all accounts;
  • Oversee bank transfers of all current payments;
  • Provide assistance to our clients in obtaining financing for investments;
  • Provide collection services for all due payments, including calculation of late interest charges, sending late notices and other collections methods available under law.

  • Provide compliance reporting to various State and Tax agencies (GUS, ZUS, US)


  • Supervise various contractors working on the property;
  • Negotiate and amend new and existing contracts as needed;
  • Carry out inspections of ongoing work in accordance to local laws and regulations;
  • Maintain records of work completed and any change orders;
  • Prepare and maintain list of repairs based on ongoing inspections,


  • Selection of various contractors and sub-contractors,
  • Negotiations of terms,
  • Preparation and execution of documents,
  • Supervision of the construction process according to terms of contract


  • Legal guidance for contracts and other documents related to projects
    Court Representation;
  • Liaison services with local governing agencies.
  • Development of long-term management plans for the property